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Swimming Lessons

The Sands Torquay is proud to deliver the innovative Swim & Survive program to students, families and the community in Torquay area.


Swim & Survive Program

Our swim program makes learning to swim easy both in and out of the pool. 

The Sands Torquay is proud to deliver the innovative Swim and Survive program which is backed by Royal Life Saving Australia. Swim and Survive is a fun and dynamic swimming and water safety program that focuses on the development of swimming, personal survival, basic rescue and lifesaving skills. Swim and Survive aims to provide individuals with the required skills to lead safe and active lives in, on and around water.


Babies & Toddlers

Swimming lessons can start for babies 6 months and older to become comfortable and confident in and around the water.



Swim and Survive lessons are a fun and engaging way for kids to learn to swim and be safe around water.

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